On March 23, 2008 my life changed forever, but before I tell that story, I wanted to talk about what occurred in California. Since October 15, 2017, over 100, 000 Californians lost their homes from the wildfires that rampaged the state, according to the Los Angeles Times. Can you imagine being one of those people?

Why Thinking Matters

The Thinking Matters event allows USM, SMCC, and CMCC students to show-off their research. In turn, people can learn about important issues such as the improvements of meditation on children, how stormwater runoff can contribute to an ecosystem imbalance or how Maine public schools teach sex education. This is the day when students get to educate and share their research, work and passion.

Fake News with David Brancaccio

On May 12 David Brancaccio from the Marketplace Morning Report on NPR and Lisa DeSisto, the Chief Executive Officer for Maine Today Media, sat down to talk frankly about fake news, how to avoid fake news, and how to broadcast news honestly.

A News Report on Net Neutrality: Past, Present, and Future

Net neutrality fosters an internet where sites are equal in loading speed and classifies it as a utility like the phone service. 1 It supports many commercial uses consumers like to indulge in such as streaming, uploading, and downloading.

Climate Change Affects the Maine Market

The early arrival of spring may be a relief to the people of Portland, but for scientists, early spring means a rapidly changing ecosystem. According to the National Weather Service, in 2016, the average temperature in Portland was 48.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which was as high as 2012.

The USM Human Performance Lab Studies How to Maximize Exercise

On the [USM] Gorham campus, a Human Performance Lab has students hooked up to metabolic carts, a device used to measure oxygen consumed during exercise, to estimate how many calories they’ve burned. The goal of this research, according to Professor Christopher Scott of the Department of Exercise, Health and Sports Sciences, is to estimate energy expenditure before, during and after exercise.

Corals and Symbiodium: The Relationship Explained

I read and summarized the journal article, “The engine of the reef: Photobiology of the coral–algal symbiosis” written and researched by Melissa S. Roth. Ms. Roth’s report on the previous and present research on Scleractinia and Symbiodinium symbiosis includes discussion on light, photobiology of reef-building corals and their green algae, and the nature of their relationship.