The USM Human Performance Lab Studies How to Maximize Exercise

Here is my first USM Free Press news article! Here I talk about the human performance lab at my college and what they’ve found on losing weight.

Human Performance Lab
Gorham’s Human Performance Lab; taken by me, 2017

On the [USM] Gorham campus, a Human Performance Lab has students hooked up to metabolic carts, a device used to measure oxygen consumed during exercise, to estimate how many calories they’ve burned. The goal of this research, according to Professor Christopher Scott of the Department of Exercise, Health and Sports Sciences, is to estimate energy expenditure before, during and after exercise.

If you’ve ever wondered how many calories you can burn while participating in a particular activity, such as bench pressing, bicycling or running, Scott has observed in his research that short, intense and intermittent exercise, followed by a recovery period, can help an individual burn the most fat.

You can read the rest here.