About Me

Here is me on top of a mountain.

Hi, I’m Heather and I’m a junior in college double majoring in communications and media minoring in biology and ecology.

I’m currently volunteering as a staff writer for my college’s newspaper. I specialized in science such as biology, physics, and chemistry.

During this summer and fall, I worked in a lab. I standardized and calibrated instruments part-time. I installed valves, fluid capacitors, and pumps. I aliquoted and packaged blood. I tested the instrument valve response, pull-in and latch out, and flow rate using oscilloscope, flow sensor, voltage meter, and specialized computer software.

As a part-timer, I’ve worked in this company before. I have a variety of experience there.

In January, as a social media intern, I wrote a toolkit for a non-profit organization geared toward education. I also monitored news outlets for articles related to K-12 education.

If interested in hiring me, you can ask for my résumé by filling out the contact section below.

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