P.J.M Elite Rhododendron

For a class project, I am taking photos of the plants in my yard and researching them to create an online brochure. Here is one of the many flora around my home!

Mini Rhododendron


This is the P.J.M Elite Rhododendron. This is a hybrid plant from Rhododendron carolinianum and Rhododendron dauricum.

P.J.M stands for the name, Peter John Mezitt who left Europe to set up a nursery in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1939, Mezitt’s son, Edmund, who worked at his father’s plant nursery, pollinated the Central Asian plant, R. dauricum, with the Virginian/Georgian R. carolinianum. In the spring of 1945, after the hybrid bloomed for the first time, Edmund named them after his father. ¹

The P.J.M Elite Rhododendron an broadleaf evergreen shrub that likes to live in moist, acidic soil. It can deal with the cold well (about -25 °F or -32 °C), but hates the wind. However, it prefers springtime and blooms between March and April. ²


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